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Restaurants near the Hotel

Late Harvest Kitchen

One of the local favorites, Late Harvest Kitchen, prides itself on using fresh ingredients which brings you the best dinner experience possible. With a large selection of wine and cocktails to pair with your duck, pork chop, or vegetable tagine, or whatever else lights your fancy. They recommend a reservation. More information can be found below.

Late Harvest Kitchen is less than a 10 minute walk away from the hotel!


late harvest.jpg

Sangiovese Ristorante

The peak of Italian dining (at least in the Midwest) Sangiovese Risorante has everything Italian. Amazing pasta, seafood, and wine go with the amazing atmosphere, which includes some nice jazz.

Don't worry about walking back after eating too much pasta, Sangiovese is only a 4 minute walk!



World class steaks. That alone would be enough to convince most people to go to Sullivan's Steakhouse for dinner. Not only do they have amazing steaks and other prime cuts, they have a wide selection of seafood as well as a wonderful drink menu. If you're looking for a world class restaurant try Sullivan's. 

An amazing meal awaits you, only 5 minutes from the hotel.



None of these restaurants piquing your interest?

There are numerous great restaurants around the hotel. Restaurants like Benihana, the Cheesecake Factory, BRU Burger, Ocean Prime, Season 52, and many MORE!

Map of the area

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